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Find out what Structural Integration can do for you

Structural Integration is a sophisticated form of bodywork that addresses the pain caused by alignment issues within the human body. Anyone with muscular skeletal problems can benefit from receiving this work. A 10-series is a systematic approach to clearing the patterns in the whole body that have built up over a lifetime. People who have had long term chronic conditions will benefit most from this work. 

releasing scar tissue

Robert Schleip from Ulm University and Sharon Wheeler a veteran Rolfer at the 2017 Scar Tissue Workshop in Prague.

Here they show ultrasound results before and after myofascial release. 

Before and after

24 hours after

A 10 series is a formulaic approch to resolving complex structural patterns with in the human form. It is a system where each session builds on the last and prepares you for the next step of integration. Click the button above to learn more.

10 series before and after

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